ST. LOUIS – The ongoing efforts of Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey to oust St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner from office could come to a head Tuesday.

The Civil Courts building is where the very first court hearing in the case is set to take place at 1:30 p.m. Motions to be are expected to be discussed, including Bailey’s petition to remove Gardner and Gardner’s motion to dismiss the case.

Bailey first filed suit to have Gardner removed from office back in February following the downtown crash that resulted in 17-year-old Janae Edmonson losing her legs.

There was great controversy over why the driver who police say caused the crash was out of jail on bond in another case, despite the fact that he violated the terms of his bond many times.
Bailey then filed a lengthy amended motion last month pointing to numerous reasons why he believes Gardner is failing to do her job and should be removed from office, but Gardner has fired back, calling Bailey’s allegations politically motivated.

She wants Bailey’s suit thrown out.

Gardner’s response filed last week shared that Bailey does not allege that she committed “intentional corrupt acts” that could lead to her removal. Gardner, arguing that she cannot be personally blamed for failures by those working in her office.

Here is what Bailey told us FOX 2 of Tuesday’s hearing.

“There’s blood in the streets, and people are hurt and killed – property destroyed because her refusal to do her job,” Bailey expressed. “We’re going to hold her accountable. We’re going to restore the rule of law, and find justice for victims.”

Part of Gardner’s response filed last week reading, “not a single one of the actions alleged is ascribed to Ms. Gardner herself, all that is alleged is possible mistakes by subordinates.”

A camera will be in the courtroom for the hearing, and supporters of Gardner may be downtown Tuesday afternoon when the hearing happens. Bailey says he wants a trial date this summer.