UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – Families and cities in the St. Louis region are expecting the cleanup process to take weeks, or even months, after historic flooding.

The Heman Pool in University City is shut down until further notice due to flooding. Water has been drained out of the pool, but there is still debris sitting at the bottom of the empty pool.

City Manager of University City Gregor Rose said the damage from the flooding to the pool is still unknown. 

“With water, we do not know some of the damage that it caused for three to four months afterward,” said Rose. “We are aware of the mold and mildew that can create, so we won’t be able to bring our residents into that environment because it’s unsafe, it’s unhealthy,” said Rose.

Restoration crews are cleaning up the park, but the city is worried about what will happen when the pool pumps are turned on. 

“We’re very concerned because of all the silt that happened here and understand that the pool, those pumps were running. So all of that salt and sand is in those pumps. So we’re very concerned that we may have to replace all of those,” said Rose.

Rose said the main goal is to help residents with flood recovery.

“We’re trying to make sure that we do two things simultaneously and that we bring our facilities back to normal operations as quickly as we can. But also, we want to provide and steer our residents to services that we know they need in our historic recovery,” said Rose.

He said they are working to get the pool back open as quickly as possible, but they don’t know when that will happen.