ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo – Last weekend’s downpour flooded many homes, roads, and businesses in south St. Louis County. Now some tenants at a self-storage facility are learning their units flooded and that clean-up is underway.

The site in question is the Public Storage service facility on Reavis Barracks Road in Mehlville. Some of those items were saturated with rain. Now tenants are trying to go through the units to see what is salvageable.

Anthony Mulls said he spent the day sorting through his prized possessions and provided photos of his family’s belongings that were in several feet of mud and water in the storage unit.

“I opened it up, and all the beds, doll’s houses, everything what we got in there was gone,” he said. “Turns out that everything that we have moved from our last house, everything in there has been flooded.”

Over the weekend, the water came from a nearby creek. The River Des Peres also flooded the Cedar Creek Lodge Apartments, leaving dozens of cars submerged, after four inches of rain fell in a short amount of time on Mother’s Day.

On Thursday, dozens of tenants at the storage facility threw items into the dumpster or looked to see if some items could dry out. Mulls said most of his items were damaged, but he collected those that could be saved.

The Public Storage facility is contacting customers and opening storage units. Experts said it’s important to contact your insurance company and take plenty of pictures. If you have renter’s insurance, the insurance company ought to pay for the damage. If you have no insurance, you’re out of luck.

“I just took off the insurance last month because they raised the prices,” Mulls said.

FOX 2 reached out to the Public Storage facility to find out how many units were impacted and what tenants could do if their units were flooded. We have yet to hear back.