ST. CHARLES, Mo. – After more than an inch of rain overnight, the St. Louis region spent Thursday waterlogged. The persistent rain overnight and Thursday morning left behind large puddles on roads and quickly filled up streams and creeks. But for some St. Charles residents, the heavy rain was more than a nuisance.

“I was up this morning calling everybody, texting everybody, telling them to move their cars,” said Sheila Stumpf, owner of the Riverview Garden Apartments off Highway 94. “The water was already up over the roads out here.”

She says when heavy rain falls, runoff from nearby Highway 370 overwhelms the narrow drainage path and floods her parking lot.

“Across the way over here, there’s a little ditch. And St. Charles County usually cleans that out, hasn’t done it in about six years probably,” she said. “It goes down behind these other buildings and it gets smaller, and smaller, and smaller, as it goes down. Which everything backs up on me then.”

Gerald “Max” Fowler has a friend who lives in the apartments, and he saw Thursday morning’s flooding firsthand.

“Just to see how deep it was, I drove through and pulled the way around,” Fowler said. “And as I pull around, it looks like a boat on the water. You can see the waves off my van.”

He’s gotten to know Sheila over the years and says she’d love to make improvements but can’t with the ongoing drainage issues.

“It’s surreal to think that the city, this has been going on for years now, and the county even…nobody’s made it a point to come take a look at this part of town and say, ‘Hey, we should do something to improve this.’”

Stumpf says she’s done what she can to mitigate the problem but is worried for her residents.

“I’m worried and concerned about them. And yes, I call everybody, how are you doing, what can I do for you. I’m usually over here when it happens. So, I do my best,” she said.