ST. LOUIS, — Missourians should keep a watch-out for a massive jar of mayonnaise on its way to St. Louis. Jon Hamm, who is from St. Louis, will be in a Hellmann’s commercial alongside Oscar winner Brie Larson and Pete Davidson, as well as a massive jar of the iconic mayonnaise. That jar will arrive in St. Louis on Thursday, February 16th.

Following this weekend’s Super Bowl, a life-sized (7’6″ tall) jar of Hellmann’s mayo will go on a charitable cross-country road trip called #MayoForMeals. The jar will travel around the country after appearing in Hellmann’s “Big Game” commercial, with the purpose of decreasing food waste along the way.

Hellmann’s will donate meals to Feeding America for every social media post of the huge jar and every mile it goes, with the ultimate objective of donating one million meals.