Here’s how to prepare your home for fall, winter months


ST. LOUIS COUNTY – There’s been a noticeable change in our weather since September arrived and that means homeowners need to start thinking about that fall checklist.

Leaves will start falling, clogging up those gutters and the insects that come across will start their march toward the house.

“So homeowners should start thinking about you know the leaves are going to start falling. Keeping that leaf clutter picked up that’s all harbored for the different insects that we’re going to come across. You know, sealing the house up if you have cracks and crevices around the house,” said Jay Everitt, Technical Director for Rottler Pest Solutions.

Take a little bit of caulk or if you have larger holes you can even use something like a steel wool,”

Insects such as stinkbugs, as well as spiders, especially the brown recluse, like to hide in dark places.

“Temperatures start cooling down, we bring those sweaters out of the closet. We start bringing those winter clothes out, the fall clothes if you will, the flannels and things. Just make sure you’re shaking them out. Shake those things out before you would put them on,” Everitt said.

And don’t forget about the rodents who are looking for a warm spot to spend the winter.

“They only need the size of a pencil, so a quarter of an inch is all they need to get into the house. Make sure your screens are all intact. Make sure when you shut your door you can’t see any daylight from underneath of it,” Everitt said.

And now is the time to make sure your gutters are properly maintained ahead of when leaves really start to fall.

“It only takes one strong wind to come through in order for leaves to start clogging up the gutters,” said Ian Ward, general manager of Englert LeafGuard St. Louis.

Failing to take care of your gutters could cause big problems.

“The purpose of gutters is to get the water off of the roof and away from the home. I mean the foundation and the roof are two of the most expensive repairs you can possibly incur so if that water isn’t being managed properly both of those things can get incredibly damaged,” Ward said.

Cleaning the gutters typically means getting up on a ladder which can be very dangerous, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

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