HERMANN, Mo. – A grieving community came together at Hermann High School on Friday to lift the spirits of those mourning the loss of Hermann Police Det. Sgt. Mason Griffith while praying for critically wounded officer Adam Sullentrup. Police say both were shot by an armed fugitive Sunday night. 

“Mason was a fantastic officer and a great human being, and we’re still pulling for Adam,” said Chief Christopher Hammann for the New Haven Police Department. “Adam was like family to us. He worked in New Haven for most of his career up until December, so we’re pulling for him to come through and just want to show support for both families.” 

Among the hundreds showing their support were students from St. George Catholic School.   

“Our school actually dressed in blue yesterday, just in honor and memory of these officers,” said Amy Schebaum, principal of St. George Catholic School.

One local business owner said the tragic shooting stunned everyone. 

“It’s just like a kick to the belly,” said Trigg Render, owner of 4th St. Pizza. 

He said the tragedy has prompted support from every corner of the community. 

“I know Mason is up there smiling and patrolling heaven and making sure everybody’s on their toes up there,” Hammann said. “He was always a good one to get smile out of, and Adam’s the same way.” 

There are multiple fundraisers taking place throughout the area to assist both families. The BackStoppers is one agency helping both families.