HGTV star from St. Charles shares home renovation advice


ST. LOUIS – A St. Charles real estate agent is on a new HGTV show “Call the Closer” and she is helping picky homebuyers in the area find a new house.

In one episode Lauren Risley, the star of the show, helped the engaged couple look for a home for more than a year. The couple wanted to renovate a house before their wedding.

Risley told that the couple had to deal with lots of competition but also had unrealistically high standards.

Risley says sometimes the problem isn’t always the crazy market, sometimes it is a picky buyer.

She helped the couple find a $205,000 ranch-style home. They were able to use the remaining $95,000 of their budget to renovate the home.

Risley shared how she put the money to use and how you can follow a similar plan:

  • Invest in colorful landscape
  • Add a beam for a natural look
  • Overhaul a kitchen with new paint and sink
  • Use wallpaper to jazz up a plain bathroom
  • Customize a bathroom with unique hardware

Risley helps buyers achieve their dreams by renovating the homes that they’re buying. It is a winning combination that mixes two types of reality shows commonly seen on cable television.

New episodes air every Monday at 9:00 pm and feature homes in the St. Louis area. Find the lineup of St. Louis neighborhoods featured in our past story on

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