TROY, Mo. – Roofing companies and insurance adjusters are getting a lot of calls this week after numerous storms producing large hail rolled through the St. Louis region.

Roofing companies have some warnings for homeowners dealing with damage. 

“[The hail] came in, and it was pea size, and then it was quarter size, and it was crazy,” said Troy resident Taylor Jones.

Another round of hail-producing storms rolled through the St. Louis area for the second time in five days, causing significant damage to roofs and siding. Lincoln County was among one of the hardest hit areas on Thursday. 

These latest storms hit less than a week after severe weather struck on Saturday, producing hail larger than golf balls just west of St. Louis.

“With the storms that have moved through, obviously we’re seeing a real explosion in business right now,” said Kerry House, owner of Lane House Roofing and Exteriors. 

With all the damage, residents are vulnerable and need to be careful of falling prey to those looking to scam those with emergency needs. 

“I’m seeing a lot of trucks without of state plates. Seeing trucks from Texas. You know all over everywhere right now. Running around, climbing on people’s roofs,” said House.

Lane House Roofing and Exteriors in south county believes they’ll repair up to 700 storm related jobs this year after severe weather season started swiftly. 

House says that homeowners should make sure their contractors are fully-insured and adds that many reputable contractors in Missouri will have an Illinois roofing license since they do work on both sides of the river. 

“The problem I have is the state of Missouri does not license roofing contractors, unfortunately. I wish they did. The state of Illinois does. They have very stringent licensing guidelines in the state of Illinois,” said House. 

He suggests finding contractors that have a physical location. Under no circumstances should anyone pay for work in advance. 

“If people just spend that five to ten minutes doing a little bit of homework, which most of it can be done online and never give them a bunch of money up front before work is performed, they’re going to save a lot of grief down the road,” said House.