ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – The Hispanic Bar Association of St. Louis has condemned actions from St. Charles County against a potential plan to bring Latin immigrants to the St. Louis region.

Last week, St. Charles County officials contemplated a resolution in opposition to immigrants coming to the Greater St. Louis Area. Resolution 2308 was ultimately tabled. Some officials argued the City of St. Louis isn’t ready for an influx and that recent efforts could have adverse effects.

Earlier this year, the International Institute of St. Louis announced a Latino Outreach Program intended to help Latin immigrants find housing and jobs. There have been some communications between St. Louis and Chicago on the matter.

In a statement released Tuesday to FOX 2, the HBA of St. Louis says it “condemns in the strongest terms possible any efforts by the St. Charles County Council to misinform, mischaracterize, and vilify Latin American migrants.”

The HBA contends that Resolution 2308 could promote “xenophobic and racist attitudes against Latin American migrants.” The group also cited data indicating that immigrants add billions of dollars to Missouri’s economy each year, in addition to comments from Missouri Gov. Mike Parson from previous years in support of efforts to help legal immigrants succeed in the state.

The HBA asks the St. Charles County Council to reject Resolution 2308 and “send an unequivocal statement that xenophobic, racist, and hateful rhetoric has no place in American political discourse.”

NOTE: Video from FOX 2’s coverage on Nov. 13.