KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A Wyandotte County landmark that has drawn complaints from neighbors for years is now on the market.

The Sauer Castle can be yours for a cool $10 million!

This once eminent estate in the Rosedale neighborhood has been badly neglected over the years.

It’s gotten so bad that neighbors have pushed the Unified Government to use eminent domain powers to take control of the property. Tens of thousands of dollars in fines and administrative fees have been racked up on the Sauer Castle for property code violations.

In recent months, some repair work had begun on the castle only to be suspended by the Unified Government because workers did not have the proper permits.

FOX 4 tried to reach owner Carl Lopp Thursday morning to ask him about putting the property up for sale.
The castle has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and the building is listed at nearly 3,900-square feet, on nearly three acres of land.

That’s small compared to new Mc-Mansions buyers find in southern Johnson County. Still, real estate experts claim it’s a seller’s market right now.

The Unified Government’s property maintenance manager declined to comment on camera about the castle being listed for sale. Codes enforcement continues to treat it as a vacant property.

A community survey showed that people in Wyandotte County would like the Sauer Castle to become a museum, park, or wedding venue.