CREVE COEUR, Mo. – It’s still early in October, but temperatures are starting to change, with our first frost in the forecast for Saturday morning. Local holiday lighting companies are already kicking into full gear to get ahead of the weather, but they’re facing some challenges with material delays. 

Fall weather can be tricky with wild temperature swings, eventually turning frosty. Paske Holiday Lighting has been hard at work for three weeks now. They start with their customers out west and work their way back into the city. 

“We definitely know, strategically, we need to get out of the west corridor before the weather hits,” said Joshua Paske, owner of Paske Holiday Lighting and Pest Control and Wildlife Solutions. “Try to keep that frost stay ahead of the frost line. Every delay, every day counts in this business, so we’re trying to maximize our days.” 

They maximize their days and minimize those delays. 

“You’re kind of just up to the weather as far as if the sun’s beating on the house in the right direction and whether you can get on it. How long your delay is,” he said. 

The holiday lighting company, like many other businesses, faced challenges with delays and pricing. 

“Unfortunately, everything is delayed in coming in through containers and just being stuck in ports,” Paske said. “So, we’re not only unable to get some things that we were in past seasons. Lots of delays and pricing increases are just crazy. So, it’s hitting everybody hard, not only us but the consumer.”

Paske said he wants his customers to know that pricing increases are not due to labor but material costs.

“I think in the beginning, people think you’re trying to line your pockets, but in reality that’s not the case,” he said. “Just to the consumers have faith in not only us but anybody out there. The price is just going to be up. It is what it is.” 

Paske Holiday Lighting still has about a week and a half of available bookings, but spots are filling up quickly. To find more information about the company and booking, click here