ST. LOUIS – An O’Fallon, Missouri woman has been spreading Christmas cheer for the past four years by decorating a tree along 270 at Dougherty Ferry. Linda Hunt-Buckley decorated the 2021 tree on Saturday.

This is a tradition motorists seem to love. Hunt-Buckley has gotten a ton of positive feedback from people on Facebook.

“I saw it last year and thought it was very festive and thoughtful that someone decorated it,” Facebook user Lois Ebmeyer said. “Now when I drive by and look at it this year, I’ll smile and think of you and your sister.”

This tradition started when she and her sister drove by and found what they thought was the perfect Christmas tree. They went to get supplies that same day and started decorating. They used red and white ribbons. Hunt-Buckley said later in the 2018 Christmas season someone visited the tree and added ornaments. It remained decorated between Christmas 2018 and Christmas 2019.

“It was just a funny thing that we did, and everybody loved it. Well, we’ll keep doing it,” Hunt-Buckley said.

When she returned to decorate the tree in 2019, she took off the 2018 decor and decorated it with new bows.

When she returned in 2020, the tree she had been decorating for the past two years had been chopped down. So, she decorated the one next to it with silver garland and ornaments. The 2020 tree was also chopped down. On Saturday, Hunt-Buckley decorated another tree that is near the original one.

“I hope whoever cuts them down is at least dressed as the Grinch to keep up the Christmas spirit,” Hunt-Buckley said.

The 2021 tree is decorated with garland, ornaments, and battery-operated lights.

“The lights should stay lit from 5-11 every night,” Hunt-Buckley said.