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ST. LOUIS – Several cities in St. Louis County have adjusted their pan-handling laws making it illegal to ask for money on the street.

Homeless advocates said taking panhandlers off of the streets is making it harder for them to get the money they need to survive.

It may not seem the safest way to ask for help, but for many panhandlers, some of whom are homeless, having close access to drivers is key to making money. Many cities in St. Louis county, like Manchester, Des Peres, and Brentwood, have tweaked their panhandling laws in response to a recent rise in the number of people in the street or on medians.

The new rules have not only moved them over to the sidewalk but seemingly deterred them from certain areas. Those who are not on a sidewalk would be cited. The city of Manchester’s mayor said it’s dangerous for them to be in the streets. Some volunteers said a better solution is walk-in shelters and hotel stays, which are hard to come by.

“When people lose housing, employment health care services, they find themselves possibly in the street acknowledging people as human beings is what we often times forget,” St. Patrick Center CEO Anthony D’Agostino said.