ST. LOUIS – There were new developments Tuesday morning in the drama surrounding the homeless encampment just outside of St. Louis City Hall. A spokesperson for St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones had indicated that they were going to start dismantling the camp Monday night, but that never happened.

A statement sent out earlier Tuesday morning from Mayor Jones’ office says that the city of St. Louis began “decommissioning” the encampment Monday night.

We are reaching out to clarify what exactly “decommissioning” means because the camp is still active Tuesday morning and nothing appears to have really changed since. The first statement sent out from Mayor Jones’ office Tuesday night explained that the camp would be decommissioned at 10:01 p.m. by enforcing the park curfew.

That statement says that the decision was made after numerous police and EMS calls to the camp for issues including overdoses, seizures, and other medical emergencies. That statement also said that there was fighting at the site, city workers reported being accosted, and drug paraphernalia was also found at the camp.

Authorities, including St. Louis City Police, were at the camp Monday after the 10:01 deadline. However, as time passed and heated words were exchanged between various people, the police left, and no action was taken.

In Tuesday morning’s updated statement, the mayor’s office added that city workers will return to the camp to help move people into shelters.

We’re told city workers have reached out numerous times over the past couple of months to try and help provide services to the people at the camp, including moving them into permanent housing.

FOX 2 spoke with one homeless person about the current situation.

“Maybe they ought to funnel a little bit of that money over here,” local Kamm Hayes expressed. “Because I think these people really need some help, and it’s not just old or young; it’s people from all walks of life. You know, this is getting ridiculous. We’re one of the richest countries in the world, and you have homeless people? Come on!”

Tuesday morning’s statement explains that the rapid growth of the camp has created unsafe and unsanitary conditions for the campers and has made outreach efforts from the city more difficult

FOX 2 will update this story with more information as it becomes available.