FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. – One man cleaning a Franklin County home earlier this week found a “homemade explosive” device, prompting a high-profile investigation.

The device was promptly removed from the home before a regional bomb squad responded, secured the device and destroyed it.

Authorities were first informed of the device around 10:45 p.m. Monday. Franklin County detectives responded to the device near the intersection of East Springfield Road and Hwy 185. The man who reportedly found the device brought it to that area, just blocks away from the home.

Shortly after deputies checked out the device, they believed it to be a pipe bomb. They set up a safety perimeter and notified detectives with the St. Louis County Regional Bomb and Arson Unit.

Detectives eventually confirmed the device was a “homemade bomb.” The bomb squad secured the device by utilizing specialized tools to minimize danger to law enforcement and public. The bomb squad then moved it to a different area for proper destruction.

No injuries were reported from the situation. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office have not yet announced any suspect details or possible charges in this case.