Homeowners in Florissant dealing with excess water in their backyards


FLORISSANT, Mo. – Excess water has been an issue for Florissant homeowners. The local homeowners’ association says the Metropolitan Sewer District is supposed to clean it up. But MSD says it falls on the homeowners.

Anthony McNeil reached out to FOX 2 about leftover rainwater that has been sitting in his backyard for several months. A few of his neighbors shared the same concern.

“Pretty much everyone says, ‘It’s not my fault, there’s nothing we can do,’” Don Estes said.

Not only is it an eye sore but a burden on springtime yard clean up. Now they want it gone.

“The lawn company couldn’t even cut our grass. They had to weed whack it, it’s so bad,” McNeil said.

Their homeowners’ association says the removal and cleanup is MSD’s responsibility.

FOX 2 contacted MSD. Spokesman Sean Hadley came out to see for himself but explained it’s not MSD’s job to remove the water but they can help. Ultimately, he said it falls on the homeowners.

“We will come out and inspect it. If we come out here and find it is a pretty bad nuisance, we may address it but the homeowners’ association is going to get a bill for it,” Hadley said.

MSD plans to have a crew come out to inspect the area this week.

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