The above video is from January 13, 2021.

ST. LOUIS – The national food publication “mashed” listed the hot salami sandwich from Gioia’s Deli on The Hill third on its list of “The 15 Absolute Best Italian Subs In The US.”

“Mashed” applauded Gioia’s for using thick slices over “the tissue-thin salami found at most deli counters.” The publication also made a point of mentioning the bread Gioia’s uses from Fazio’s Bakery. Many regulars order their hot salami sandwich on garlic cheese bread, and “mashed” was sure to shine a spotlight on this unique option.

The restaurant opened on The Hill in 1918 and Alex Donley is the fourth-generation owner. Donley said the key to their hot salami sandwich is once it’s cooked it never cools down. It’s sliced right in front of the customer.

The beloved deli is now shipping its hot salami sandwiches directly to customers throughout the United States. The sandwich kits are $75 and an additional $25 shipping charge. The kits come in three variations: hot salami, hot beef and hot salami/hot beef. Each kit makes four 9-inch sandwiches. It comes with four loaves of garlic cheese bread, four containers of either hot salami or roast beef in au jus. For an additional fee, customers who want an extra taste of Gioia’s, can add a container of hot salami queso to smother their sandwiches with at home. 

“Food & Wine” magazine released their “Best Sandwiches in Every State” list in January 2021 and called Gioia’s Deli’s hot salami sandwich Missouri’s finest.

“Mashed” put The Godmother at Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery in Santa Monica, California at number one on its list of “The 15 Absolute Best Italian Subs In The US.”

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