HAZELWOOD, Mo. – A citizens group successfully took over the Robertson Fire Protection District in Hazelwood, saying they’d provide the city with financial relief. But it’s unclear when Hazelwood will actually get that break.

“Well, as of right now, until we have achieved a chance to go through all of our finances and see everything that needs to be repaired, all the equipment in the vehicles that needs to be updated, we don’t really have the money at the moment to cut for Hazelwood,” Jennifer Guyton, the fire district’s new president, said.

Hazelwood is paying the Robertson Fire Protection District $4.5 million a year, the same as under the old fire board.

“Well, we weren’t necessarily doing this to give a better deal to the city of Hazelwood. What we wanted was a solution to the problem,” Guyton said. “And the old board was unwilling to find a solution to the problem.”

Guyton says she remains committed to getting a break for Hazelwood as soon as possible.