ST. LOUIS – Some may have been worried about the frost over the weekend and the potential impact on our fall crops, but a local expert says not to worry. In fact, our most recent weather is providing some positive influence.

Pumpkins are plentiful at Thies Farms and Greenhouses. Owner Dave Thies said everything handled the cold just fine.

“Pumpkin crop has been very good. Less humidity, dry air, and the dryness makes it easier to harvest,” he said. “Harvest cleaner. They’re keeping a little bit better than they have the past couple years.”

The recent weather has also been very beneficial to the apple crop.

“We love the cool evenings. Makes the apple color up. Especially the red apples. We have been picking them. They taste good but they didn’t have a lot of red on them,” Thies said. “With the cool evenings down in the 40s, really, really helps with the color and keeps them a little more crisp.”

Although the dry weather has been beneficial in many ways, we could use a little rain.

“A little bit of rain would be beneficial, I think, for everyone; including people’s yards,” Thies said. “Perennials especially, this time of year. If people are not watering, they probably should be at this point.”

The rain in the forecast is a plus.

“A half-inch of rain would be beneficial. Peach trees, apple trees, everything could use a little bit of water just for strengthening up going into the winter,” he said.

As for our trees, more colors are starting to show, but the upcoming rain may be too little too late.

“Because of the dryness, we probably will see a lot of trees drop their leaves pretty quickly. On the other hand, the cool evenings also helps the leaf coloration, so you think you kind of know, but Mother Nature has a mind of its own,” Thies said.