ST. LOUIS – Since 1839, 24 meteorites have been found in the state of Missouri.

According to Washington University in St. Louis, the most recent one was found in Licking, Missouri in 2015. Out of the 24 meteorites, three were stony-irons, nine were iron meteorites, and 11 were stony meteorites. The remaining 16, including all the irons, fell at an unknown time and were found late.

An unusual cobalt-composed meteorite was found in Warren County in 1877. The 100-pound stone made a whistling noise as it fell, and it was seen breaking into pieces as it hit a tree. Over 100 years later, in 2000, a pallasite meteorite was found in Atchison County. It has roughly equal proportions of both olivine and iron.

Another meteorite fell in Nodaway County in 2010. The stony-iron mass was found sticking out of a hill near the city of Conception Junction.

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