ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. — Law enforcement in St. Charles County are staying prepared in case they ever face an active shooter situation. Shootings, unfortunately, are becoming more and more frequent, with a recent workplace shooting in Smithsburg, Maryland, and the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

St. Charles County enforcement is training extensively, and all officers are able to be on the same page. So there’s no hesitation if and when a shooter strikes.

“The hope is that if an incident like that happens here, that we would one, we’re trying to respond, we know what to do,” said Officer Barry Bayles with the St. Charles County Police Department.

He said all the nearly 700 officers in the county are trained under the same system, MACTAC (Multi-Assault Counter-Terrorism Action Capabilities). Bayles said officers go through 10 hours of rigorous training exercises with real-life scenarios.

“The scenes are chaotic. In every one of the scenes at schools and other events, chaos reigns. But we’re trying to teach our officers to think on their feet and be prepared for the chaos to the best of their ability,” Bayles told Fox 2.

St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann said the county trains all law enforcement to act fast.

“All of our police departments are on the same page, and they know when a shooting starts, they need to go in. And hopefully, they never have to do that. But if they do, they receive the training,” Ehlmann said.

Ehlmann said he will ask the council this week to hire more resource officers so that there is one in every school in the county.

Until then, the county plans to keep its skills sharp.

“It’s not just now. Suddenly, there is an emphasis on training. It’s always been there. I just believe people are more aware of what’s happening now,” Bayles said.

Officers also ask parents to maybe start an open discussion with their children at any age on what to do in an active shooter situation.