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ST. LOUIS – What the future of downtown St. Louis looks like is anyone’s guess. But you can share your thoughts and shape its next decade through an online open house.

“You go to our website and click on the button and you’re taken to an online open house experience where you get to plan out what you think we need to move downtown forward for the next 10 years,” says Missy Kelly, president and CEO of Downtown STL Inc. “It’s fun. You rank and prioritize things like housing options and options for open space and what are some of the things we can do that are creative for some of the empty space.”

The next 10 years could have a different look or feel in certain areas like the old garment district or, say, the return of Choteau’s pond.

Tapping some thoughts into their online site is what civic leaders are looking for from you.

“We have investors and developers that are waiting for this plan to come to fruition so they can actively decide where they want to invest in downtown,” says Kelly. “It’s something we’ve been lacking for a while. The last downtown plan we had was downtown now and that was 20 years ago. So, it’s time for a refresh and look at the overall lack of vision for downtown. That’s what we’ve been lacking. There have been plans for different segments of downtown. but how they all weave together we just haven’t had that for some time. That’s where the community is important for the process to ensure that what we knit together is what they want.”

With history being written daily through this pandemic, Downtown STL wants you to get creative and civic minded from the comfort of your home.

You can leave your thoughts at

You have until May 22 to submit your thoughts and ideas on its future.