ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Large crowds flocked to the stores in search of Black Friday bargains.

Academy Sports and Outdoors in St. Charles has long checkout lines with people doing their Christmas shopping.

“I’m actually getting this Christmas holiday shopping out of the way because I’m a local mailman here in the city, and it’s about to be crunch time for us,” said Chauncey Hudson.

The crowds came in waves, giving workers enough time to restock and grab online orders.

“I did most of mine online already, and I had to work this morning,” said Amanda Keizor. “So, we kind of waited out the crowd because I heard it was nuts this morning. So, we’re seeing what’s left and if they have any good deals that we can pick up.”

“We sold quite a few gun safes this morning when we opened. A lot of trampolines, a lot of ride-on toys for the kids,” said Chuck Willis, store director of Academy Sports and Outdoors. “A lot of gaming tables, shuffleboard, ping pong tables, things like that. Our appeal sales have been crazy today as well.”

Willis said sales are up this year, and many people shop online.

“We actually had a team in the building working since midnight because we had about 300 online orders that we had to get picked for the event that they had been working on before we actually opened,” said Willis.