CRESTWOOD, Mo. – A large oak tree fell over Wednesday morning outside a Crestwood family’s home, crushing two SUVs. No injuries have been reported from the situation.

The tree fell over at about 8 a.m. Matt and Katie Pollihan said they were just minutes away from getting into the SUVs with their two young children ages four and seven when the huge limb came crashing down onto the vehicles. 

Matt said he and the couple’s four-year-old daughter were in his garage getting ready to get into his 2020 Kia Telluride that he recently bought when the limb collapsed. The Telluride didn’t even have license plates on it yet. He said there was a very loud boom and it sounded like items in a closet crashing to the floor.

Katie said she was about to take the family’s seven-year-old son to camp in their 2018 Audi when the limb fell. She said their son saw it happen and was so upset that he was crying and shaking afterwards. 

This wasn’t the first time a massive limb from the tree has fallen outside of the family’s home. Matt said another even larger limb fell last year. That limb fell away from their home and cars. They said after the first limb fell, a tree company put cables around the other limbs including the one that fell Wednesday morning.

The couple isn’t sure what caused the latest limb to collapse without warning. They do believe their might have been some water damage to the tree which they think may have weakened the limb. 

Now, Matt and Katie said they plan to take down the rest of the tree which is believed to be a Willow Oak.

Perhaps ironically, the Pollihans live on Sturdy Drive in Crestwood. It appears their front yard tree isn’t too “sturdy.”

Whatever the case, Matt and Katie are very grateful that the massive limb didn’t collapse when they were in the vehicles with their children.