ST. LOUIS – The Humane Society of Missouri is having its second annual Day of Giving on Tuesday.

“I’m adopting Dina today,” said Johnny Tucker, who’s adopting a cat. “Emotional support. Cats keep you calm and collected, and pets just bring something out of you that makes you happy.”

“With pets,” said Al Gates, who’s adopting a dog. “Whew, whew. It’s empty without them. The house is empty. I have a cat too, but he doesn’t want to play.”

All three of the Humane Society of Missouri’s locations Macklind Avenue, Maryland Heights, and Union are hosting the Day of Giving.

“Day of Giving is one of our largest fundraisers of the year, and it helps us raise critical funds for animals like Clive here, so they can find their forever homes,” said Robyn Dexter, marketing and communications manager at the Humane Society of Missouri.

Clive is a mixed-breed dog rescued in December from Cass County near Kansas City. In Clive’s case, the funds raised will be used for heartworm medicine.

However, for other pets at the Humane Society, the money raised is used for a number of things, like the animal cruelty task force, which is responsible for rescuing a one-year-old, eight-month-old dog.

“If you visit our website at, there is all the information there about how to donate,” Dexter said. “We are encouraging people to sign up to become monthly donors, to become humane heroes. That consistent funding is really important to our mission.”