Humane Society of Missouri treats 21 dogs rescued from ‘horrific conditions’


ST. LOUIS – The Humane Society of Missouri now has custody of the 21 dogs that were rescued from a substandard licensed breeder in McDonald County.

Now that HSMO has full custody of the dogs they can “perform necessary and life-saving surgical procedures on the dogs who need it” along with spay and neuter procedures. After the dogs have completed their rehabilitation, they will be available for adoption.

The dogs were rescued from the breeder on July 28. While at the property, HSMO’s Animal Cruelty Taskforce (ACT) found dog remains and one recently deceased dog. The 21 rescued dogs were found starving, wounded, and infested with fleas and ticks.

“This is the outcome that we were hoping for,” president of HSMO Kathy Warnick said. “These poor dogs have been through so much and lived in such horrible conditions that we’re thankful we can provide them with compassionate and state-of-the-art veterinary care and give them a second chance at a brighter future.”

HSMO is looking for the public’s donations and financial support in order to see these dogs through treatment. Click here to give.

The breeder had not allowed the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) to inspect the property in the past year.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s Office sought a court order giving MDA officials unrestricted access to the property. The warrant was secured and served on July 28. Schmitt’s office has now filed a lawsuit against the breeder and the facility is temporarily shut down for multiple and repeated violations of the Animal Care Facilities Act. The lawsuit is looking to have the breeder prohibited from breeding or selling animals and banned from operating as a commercial breeder permanently.

“These dogs have been living in horrific conditions; the breeder’s neglect is inhumane and utterly reprehensible,” Warnick said. “Thankfully, our Animal Cruelty Task Force was able to act swiftly to rescue these abused animals from their appalling situation and bring them to safety.”

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