FERGUSON, Mo. – Flash flooding damaged at least 100 homes this week in Ferguson. City officials are now asking FEMA for up to $5 million in funding to help with relief efforts.

Several communities in North St. Louis County are left picking up the pieces, still coming to terms with this week’s historic flooding.

“It’s truly devastating,” said Ferguson resident Bob Simms.

Throughout Ferguson, the damage is extensive. Downtown businesses, city parks and residential neighborhoods were all hit hard by flash flooding.

“It’s going to be a safety issue for a lot of the people downtown, especially off of our main drag,” said Ferguson City Manager Eric Osterberg. He adds “being able to properly remediate some of the water damage [and] making sure these homes are structurally sound” are among the city’s concerns.

A Ferguson resident who identified as Donna says nearly a foot and a half of floodwaters entered her basement.

“It looked like a muddy swimming pool,” said Donna. “I’m going to have to get a new furnace, water heater, washer, and dryer. I mean everything is ruined.”

Debris from Donna’s neighbors covers the sidewalk as far as the eye can see.

Bob Simms has lived at his Ferguson home for more than 30 years. Everything he’s stored in his basement, including his clothes and business supplies, are destroyed. 

“We’re still working,” said Simms. “We haven’t really scratched the surface of the other side yet. We’ve had five or six people here at a time all day for two days now.”

Residents hope for relief as they continue to try and clean up mother nature’s mess. The Ferguson Fire Department is also out nearly $1 million alone after one of its trucks was trapped in high waters while responding to submerged cars.

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