Hunter wins $100,000 from a Missouri Lottery scratchers ticket


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FULTON, Mo. – Another person took home a large jackpot by playing the Missouri Lottery’s “Big Riches” scratchers game. A hunter bought a ticket before going to purchase deer tags at the Walmart in Fulton. He wanted to use the scratcher to pass the time in line.

The man started scratching and the immediate results were promising. He won on the first two numbers. Revealing more numbers confirmed that he must have one a big prize.

The hunter skipped the deer tag line and went home to count up his win. The ticket ended up being worth $100,000.

This is the first of the four $100,000 prizes available in this game. A couple from Potosi recently won the top “Big Riches” prize of $3 million.

The game costs $30 to play and the chances of winning are around one in 2.66. That is good because the overall chances of winning with a Missouri Lottery scratchers ticket is around one in four. There are still three more tickets worth three million plus, hundreds of thousands of lower value prizes left to be claimed in this game.

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