ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Drivers will notice some ramp closures along Interstate 270 Monday and those changes could affect your drive for several weeks.

The Missouri Department of Transportation will close the eastbound on-ramp from Washington Street to I-270 Monday morning.

“It’s been going on probably, to me it seems like forever, but at least three years,” commuter David Frye said.

Drivers in the area said the construction zone can be confusing.

“I have to take 270 going and coming almost every day of the week and usually it’s a surprise as to what they’re doing or what may be different or new…but yeah, it’s a headache,” Frye said.

In addition to the Washington Street ramp, MoDOT will close the eastbound exit ramp to West Florissant Avenue at 7 a.m.

“I still need to go to the Walmart and to Sam’s so, you know, I’ll just have to live with it and, you know, I’ve been living with what they’ve been doing for the last three years anyways,” Frye said.

“I notice them but I haven’t figured out exactly where they’re going or with it. I’m anxious to see when it’s all done what it’s going to really look like or supposed to look like because I still haven’t figured it out yet.”

Drivers in Illinois will also notice some changes through Collinsville starting Monday. Crews will temporarily shut down two lanes of northbound I-255 over the ramps eastbound and westbound I-55. The Illinois Department of Transportation said all lanes should be back open by Thursday afternoon.

MoDOT expects the Washington Street on-ramp and West Florissant Avenue exit ramp to be shut down for two months.