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ST. LOUIS – Monday’s critical accident on Interstate 64 that left seven people injured, including two police officers, remains under investigation. But the Missouri State Highway Patrol is taking the opportunity to remind drivers they need to be aware of first responders on the roadways, especially in cold weather.

The accident happened around 6:30 p.m. in the westbound lanes of I-64 at Newstead. St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden said officers were there working the scene of another crash.

A driver came barreling through the crash scene, striking the two officers and other people at the site.

“We just want our drivers to know our officers are out here doing our best to keep our roadways safe,” said Trooper Dallas Thompson, Missouri State Highway Patrol.

“Whether it’s enforcing traffic laws or assisting motorists along the sides of the roads. Sometimes, we have to respond to an incident on the roadway, whether a crash or debris we have to respond to. And we need drivers to know that incidents can happen at any time. You just need to be paying attention to the roadway. Eliminate all distractions and be attentive to what’s going on while you’re driving.”

As cold temperatures are here, the chances of highway accidents leave first responders at risk.

“As colder weather comes and we see precipitation, so you’ll see more MoDOT workers,” Thompson said. “There’s going to be incidents on the roadways, and we know our first responders will have to stop along the side of the road. So, we really want people to pay attention to the roadway and watch for anything that could be going on ahead of them.”