ST. LOUIS – A busy stretch of Interstate 64 flooded in St. Louis during rush hour Friday afternoon after a water main break.

The interstate was flooded in both directions near Tamm Avenue. A 30-inch water main break happened right around 4 p.m. Friday. Water has been steadily gushing from the main for several hours.

Traffic was backed up several miles in both directions. Westbound drivers slowly navigated through one lane. Eastbound drivers were at a standstill for much of the rush hour. The highway reopened Saturday morning after cleanup from first responders.

A few cars attempted to cross through waters before law enforcement blocked the area of the flooding. First responders helped rescue a few people out of cars. No major injuries were reported from the situation.

On dry land, at an apartment complex near I-64, Lauren Bankwell said she barely has running water, and there have been on-and-off problems for a while, but never to this scale.

“I know we had problems with our water pressure a little bit when they first started, and that got cleared up pretty fast,” said Bankwell.

About seven months ago, a state audit recommended the city increase revenue for the Water Division after finding St. Louis did not have sufficient water revenues to adequately maintain the city’s water distribution.

The interstate wasn’t feeling the only congestion Friday. Stephanie Clark is hosting her husband’s graduation party near the interstate. She said city streets saw increased traffic as well.

“I think some people are getting stuck in the neighborhoods coming locally, and others stuck out on the highway,” said Clark.