MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Mo. – A St. Louis man is behind bars after a highway pursuit led Missouri deputies to cocaine, cash and a gun earlier this week.

Prosecutors have charged Demetrick Taylor, 42, with six felonies and multiple misdemeanors in connection with the pursuit and recovered items.

The situation unfolded around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday on Interstate 70 in Montgomery County. While on the side of the highway, police approached a driver who provided a false identity. The driver was later determined to be Taylor, who took off westbound on I-70 as deputies attempted to retrieve information.

Deputies followed Taylor on I-70 for several miles. At one point he took an exit that allowed him to turn around and head in the opposite direction of I-70. Eventually, authorities boxed in Taylor around Exit 183 in Jonesburg, Missouri. After he stopped, Taylor was taken into custody without incident.

After the pursuit, authorities learned Taylor was driving with his mother, girlfriend, a man and a 3-year-old child inside the car who wasn’t properly buckled. Deputies say the family was “visibly shaken” and the mother told deputies she advised Taylor to stop during the pursuit.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, investigators searched the vehicle and found a fully-loaded handgun, drug paraphernalia and a large quantity of cash.

Montgomery County deputies say Taylor also threw a bag from the driver’s side window during that pursuit. In that bag, deputies recovered an amount of cocaine equivalent to the size of four eight-balls.

Investigators also learned that Taylor has a warrant out for his arrest in O’Fallon and was supposed to be on house arrest. Missouri court records indicate Taylor has an extensive criminal history of selling drugs, weapon charges, and child endangerment.

Taylor is jailed in Montgomery County without bond. His first court appearance over this case is scheduled for June 16, per Missouri court records.