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ST. LOUIS- Sam Page said he doesn’t regret the choice of asking Hazel Erby to be St. Louis County’s first Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

During a Wednesday morning press conference, Page said he was looking for more focus in the department and ability to accomplish even more and is excited for what Civil Rights activist Kenny Murdock can bring to the position.

Page was asked if Erby was fired. He said he called her Tuesday night and that she was aware that the county would be making staffing changes this week.

“I told her we would not need her anymore in our department and that we would be moving forward and I thanked her for her service to the community,” explained Page.

Page says Erby, who is also a councilwoman, wanted to make the announcement first and did so by posting it on twitter.

Page reiterated that he didn’t regret Erby as his first choice but says the county is going to move forward with new focus and is excited about the energy Murdock brings to the position.