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LAKE ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Lake St. Louis residents recalled the moments before a police officer shot a dog that attacked multiple people Sunday.

A woman who lives in the Stonecrest Subdivision said her husband happened to look out of their back window and saw a dog bothering a man at Founders Park.

“We noticed a gentleman that had a large stick in his hand, and he was turning in circles trying to fend the dog off,” said the woman, who did not want to be identified.

Her husband ran out to help. 

“The dog took off towards an older gentleman that was farther back in the park, ending up knocking him down and attacking him,” she added. “So, my husband really started to move at that point, ran out. He tried to get the dog’s attention off the older gentleman and onto himself.”

Her husband suffered about eight bites, including one large wound on his leg.

She said Lake St. Louis police officers arrived at Founders Park as the dog was attacking her husband. She said when police pulled in, the dog started running back into the neighborhood on Flintshire Lane. 

The dog went back home, but it doesn’t end there. The dog got back out and continued to attack more residents. Ronda Phillips said she witnessed some of the attacks.

“I was kind of traumatized,” said Phillips. “The dog just wasn’t quitting. He just wasn’t quitting.”

The Lake St. Louis Police Department said officers went to the dog owners’ home.  While they were waiting outside two dogs pushed open the screen door and got away.

The dog involved in the previous attack ran to a nearby street and attempted to attack another resident.

“They tried to attack a woman with her dog, and other people were outside, and they were jumping and trying to attack all of them,” Phillips said.

A Lake St. Louis officer ran to help her, and the dog lunged at the officer. That is when the officer shot the dog.

“The cops didn’t have no choice, they had to stop it somehow,” Phillips said.

Multiple neighbors said this isn’t the first incident with these dogs.

“We’ve got a whole street full of kids here, and they are always back in that park playing. There are always events going on there, so I’m just thankful it went the way it did, and it wasn’t more serious — because it definitely could have been,” said the wife of one of the dog bite victims.

According to the police, the owner took the dog to an animal hospital. The dog’s condition is not known at this time.

Police contacted St. Charles County Animal Control. The investigation is active and will be reviewed for possible ordinance violations and other charges.