Illinois family searches for lost dog after being involved in a car crash


ST. LOUIS – An Illinois family is searching for their dog after the owner and the dog were in a severe car crash.

Jessica Vineyard posted on Facebook Thursday saying her sister was in a bad car accident. She and her boyfriend were leaving downtown, heading through east St. Louis back to Belleville where they live. Then a car came speeding directly towards them, and despite trying to avoid it, they wrecked.

Taylor and her boyfriend were banged up badly from the accident. Their dog Nala, who was in the car with them, ran away from the scene.

The dog is a medium brown, fawn-colored dog with a black muzzle and mouth. She’s wearing a gray collar with the word canine written on it. Jessica says she weighs around 50 pounds.

The accident happened near 3rd street in East St. Louis, so around the area is where their family has been looking.

“She’s very timid and she’s not going to come up to people that she doesn’t know. So we are just trying to get the word out and seeing if anybody has spotted her to get her back home because my sister, besides losing her truck and being all banged up, she’s now lost her baby, the dog, and she is beside herself. Like that was her soulmate,” said jessica Vineyard.

Jessica says Nala is a rescue dog so she’s very timid, but sweet. They are asking for the community to help find her.

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