Importance to maintain social distancing as temperatures warm


MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – With temperatures in the 80s these last couple of days, it’s felt more like summer than spring.

Just because we have to stay at home does not mean we need to stay inside when it’s this beautiful out, so a swap out your sweats for some short sleeves and don’t forget the sunglasses. Many are using this warm up as a chance to get out in the garden.

And if you run out of supplies, some garden centers are doing things a bit differently right now. Some have curbside pick-up. At Garden Heights Nursery, folks can order online and then pick up their orders through the drive-through.

More and more people out walking are also out walking, especially when it’s this nice out, and often they’ll bring their furry friends with them.

Etched on some sidewalks you can find positive messages and art, like a sensory chalk walk that nearly spans the 3400 block of Commonwealth Avenue in Maplewood. It was made by a 7th grader for his brother and neighborhood kids.


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