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ST. LOUIS – An investigation continues after a man was found dead in the basement of an apartment building near The Hill neighborhood Wednesday morning.

Just before 6 a.m., police responded to reports of a shooting at the intersection of Dalton Avenue and Reber Place. Officers rushed to an apartment complex in the Southwest Gardens neighborhood where they found a man who had been shot twice in the head.

Police found the man in the apartment building’s common room in the basement. Two apartment buildings are located above the connecting basement floor.

It’s unknown whether the man lived in the building or knew the residents.

“There have been multiple people that have asked if I was OK, like being so close,” neighbor Jen Nadler said, “and I know a lot of people involved that lived in that area, make sure they’re ok, I got eyes on them.”

Many of the neighbors worry about the building, saying they’ve spotted drug use.

“It’s a pretty quiet neighborhood and usually the only little bit of something that is suspicious happens on the corner,” resident Christopher said.

This latest incident has pushed some to spend hundreds to amp up security.

“Somebody knows something,” neighbor James Stewart said. “I got the doorbell cameras because I worry about it myself, and I want to make sure there’s some kind of documentation if somebody was to come in.”

Police have not yet released the victim’s identity.

Nadler said she hopes there is justice found.

There are no suspects yet, but many questions remain.

“Hey whoever can do this stuff and get away scot-free without nobody seeing license plates or whose coming or going, people better be afraid,” Stewart said.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information regarding the case is urged to call the police.