ST. LOUIS – St. Louis city police are investigating a car crash at Cora Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, stemming from a pursuit with St. Louis County police. Neighbors said the horrible accident is something that could have been avoided. 

“I feel like they should stop chasing cars when it’s that high speed like that, you know?” Latrice Moore said.

County police said they were called out to a robbery at a Family Dollar store on Halls Ferry where an employee was assaulted. Police tried to pull over the suspect in a red Kia three times. The third time involved stop sticks. Witnesses think the Kia was going at least twice the speed limit before crashing. 

“When they, I guess, they already spiked him and you’re going that fast and a spike hit your car, it’s going to make you spin out, and if you’re going that fast and you can’t control it and, look, we lost an innocent life,” Moore said.

City police said one person died at the scene of the accident. St. Louis Fire Department said five people were taken to the hospital, two of them are children. Neighbors said the deadly accident never should have happened. 

“It’s unfortunate to hear that it was a police-involved situation. I believe that the police should know when to stand down and when to back up, because you’re putting other people’s lives in danger,” Pastor DeVone Cruesoe said.