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ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Highway Patrol (MHP) says it could take up to two weeks to finish the crash report from last week’s fatal crash involving two MoDOT workers. The MHP says it is still working on the fatal crash investigation.

Kaitlyn Anderson and James Brooks died in the crash last Thursday at Telegraph at I-255. One other MoDOT worker was injured.

Anderson, 25, was expecting her first child, her family confirmed to FOX 2. She was an intermediate maintenance worker who spent two years with the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Brooks, 58, also died in the crash. He was a senior maintenance worker who worked for MoDOT for almost nine years. A third MoDOT worker was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but police have not identified him.

The crash happened at around 11:30 a.m as the MoDOT workers were re-striping a northbound lane.

“They had the one truck stopped here with its lights activated on the roof of the truck. They also had some cones set up, a short distance behind them as a barricade, for people to know to get over,” said Corporal Dallas Thompson, Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Someone driving a black sports car drove through the cones and hit three MoDOT workers. The driver of the black sports car stopped at the scene.

Violations of Lyndon’s Law (hitting a worker in a work zone) can result in immediate loss of license and a $1,000 fine; that fine is upped to $10,000 and a year in jail if the worker is killed.