ST LOUIS – With the sentencing of ex-reality star Brittish Cierrah Williams for financial fraud, the IRS is urging the public to safeguard their Social Security.

“The radar should be up if someone is saying, ‘Hey, I need your Social Security number,’” Special Agent Tom Murdock said.

Murdock described Williams as an “opportunistic fraudster,” who went from appearances on the show “Basketball Wives” and hosting a local radio show to being sentenced to four years in federal prison.

“People take advantage of programs that are made to help other people,” Murdock said.

Williams pleaded guilty to 15 felonies, which included misusing Social Security numbers, tax fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, wire fraud, a pandemic-related scam, and making false statements to the IRS.

But it wasn’t just the vulnerable she targeted. She also used her family members by identifying as her niece and nephew on tax returns that were falsely prepared by her.

In the aftermath, Murdock says he’s recruiting for his department in IRS Criminal Investigations. Anyone interested in applying can visit the organization’s recruitment page.