ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Following heavy storms Saturday night, residents across St. Louis County spent Sunday surveying the damage and starting the cleanup process.

In Missouri, severe winds and rain tore through much of St. Louis and surrounding areas, including Valley Park, Ballwin, and in Fenton, where tornado warnings rang out.

“Water was sheeting down this street like a river,” said Fenton resident Dan Flotron.

As a result, downed trees, downed power lines, and plenty of debris could be found littering the ground, leaving a wake of destruction in its path in Fenton.

“I’ve never seen wind like this. It was pretty incredible how the trees just started bending right over and the trees started splitting right in half, falling down in the yard,” said Fenton resident Vince Sorrentino, project manager at FM Roofing. “It just felt like it was shaking the whole house.”

Sorrentino not only faces his own cleanup, his business is now awash in work.

“Phone’s ringing off the hook, people posting on Facebook asking for help, so that’s what we’re trying to do – help everybody out,” Sorrentino said.

The damage varies from light to severe, all-around town.

In Richmond heights, the force was so severe that the winds ripped a large tree out of the ground at the root.

“Definitely some shingle replacements, on the back side of our house there’s two big sections that are gone. We do have some fascia board pulled off one corner of our house, and we do actually have a leak inside as well,” said Fenton resident Kristen Glinter.

Some pulled out by the nails; others twisted by the weather.

“It’s more frustration more than anything, but my husband and I are both thankful that everything’s ok, we are ok, and I don’t believe anyone in the neighborhood is injured,” she said.

Always a silver lining amid a damaging storm.