ST. LOUIS – Friends and family of 17-year-old Jamorie Cannon, who was shot and killed last week, paid tribute to a life they say was senselessly taken with a vigil Tuesday afternoon.

After waves of rain, suddenly a bit of sun makes way for a rainbow.

“I know God got him now, he stopped the rain and brought the rainbow,” said Breanna Dickson,” Cannon’s mother.

The rainbow providing a bit of solace was accompanied by a sea of blue and white balloons filling the air. The balloons were released by friends, family, and community members at the Youth and Family Life Center in downtown St. Louis, where Cannon volunteered.

Over a week ago, Cannon was shot and killed near his home.

“He was an extremely gentle soul, he had a kind spirit, the child loved him, he was very beloved,” said Dr. Lachrisa Crenshaw, executive director of the Youth and Family Life Center. “He was responsible for going out and helping rake leaves and cut grass for our seniors, but he was also responsible for helping our children in the after-school program feel wanted in the community.”

“The love is pouring in, I wouldn’t never expected it, but it’s coming in from everywhere,” Dickson said.

Cannon was her eldest of 7.

“It goes on too much down here, all these types of communities, it just needs to stop,” Dickson said. “It’s sickening, kids not even growing up, my son can’t even see 18 now.”

On Feb. 5, Dickson came home frantically looking for her son. She said she didn’t see any police or first responders, so she drove around, only to later find her son dead for an hour. He was shot as he was going inside his home.

Dickson claimed police arrived too late.

FOX 2 reached out to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for comment, but has yet to hear back. No motive has been released.

“Don’t be leaving anybody dead out there that long; he could have probably gotten saved,” Dickson said. “So it’s just crazy, stop patrolling more, clean it up.”

All the community members that came to the vigil said they wanted justice to be served.

Right now, there are no suspects. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s homicide division is leading the investigation. They ask anyone with information to contact them at 314-444-5371 if you have any information about what happened. To remain anonymous and possibly receive a reward, contact CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS (8477).