ST. LOUIS – Third Eye Blind is headlining the festivities at Fair St. Louis on Sunday night. The San Francisco-based rock band is celebrating 25 years since bursting onto the scene with a largely-successful debut album, also coined “Third Eye Blind.”

The St. Louis stop is a break from the band’s 2022 SUMMER GODS Tour, which includes 34 shows in the United States over 52 days.

Longtime drummer Brad Hargreaves says the band has some great memories in St. Louis and is excited to build on that during Sunday’s show at Ballpark Village.

“I’ve always loved going there,” said Hargreaves. “Being a part of that city, walking around, I’ve gone to some museums there. It’s just a great city, the Gateway to the West.”

Third Eye Blind delivered a unique performance on the Gateway Arch grounds in 2011. After the weather had impacted plans for a larger outdoor performance, Third Eye Blind gathered under the Arch and played acoustic versions of their songs after the storms cleared.

Hargreaves estimates a few hundred people showed up after word got out on social media. As a musician and a tourist, he has a deep appreciation for the Gateway Arch.

“We always stay at that [Four Seasons] hotel, it looks great, it looks right at the Arch. It’s actually impressive,” said Hargreaves. “The room looks right at it at night. It’s just beautiful.”

Another show just a few days ago in Kansas City gives the band high standards for this weekend.

“It was our best show of the [SUMMER GODS] tour so far,” said Hargreaves. “The lights are right and the band’s kind of loose now, so we’re fully in it now.”

Known for the classic “Semi-Charmed Life,” which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1997, Third Eye Blind hopes to fuse the best of the past with the present. The band released its latest album “Unplugged” on June 24, which includes some of their hits reworked into acoustic versions and a previously unreleased song called “Second Born,” beloved by the band for several years.

“It’s been a time to step back and look at the totality of what we’ve done, and there’s a lot of stuff there,” said Hargreaves. “We go into the studio with a really open, free mindset and just take the songs where they go now.” 

Now with nine albums released, Third Eye Blind is embarking on its first major tour since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago.

“We’re excited to get back out there after two and a half years and share what we do and what we’ve developed over 25 years,” said Hargreaves. “There’s just a little extra appreciation for getting to travel around to all these places that we’ve been playing for many years. We realize that it’s not always a given that you get to these things like this, so we’re just excited to play.”

Third Eye Blind consists of Hargreaves on the drums, Stephan Jenkins on lead vocals and guitar, Kryz Reid on guitar, Alex Lecavalier on bass and Colin Creev on keyboards. The band hopes to play at least one song from each of their albums on Sunday at Ballpark Village.

Sunday’s show is set for 9:45 p.m. at Ballpark Village. Admission is free, but fans can also purchase a premium view ticket. Third Eye Blind will follow performances from Taking Back Sunday and Hockey Dad on Sunday. For the latest information on the Fair St. Louis concert lineup and other festivities, click here.