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EUREKA, Mo. – Eureka recently received its largest land donation to date of more than 201 acres.

The announcement was made Tuesday by Mayor Sean Flower in a Facebook post. He said the land was donated by Ruprecht Building Materials Company, owned by Nathan McKean.

McKean also owns a large concrete company, Breckenridge Materials, with a location in Eureka.

“He has been great to work with,” Flower said in his post. “He truly is excited about this donation and the potential for Eureka, and I thank him for this donation.”

The goal is to turn the property into a park that includes nature and bike trails, lake activities, and other “natural” recreation activities with possible access to the Meramec River.

“It’s a great time to live in the City of Eureka, and this is just the latest in many exciting opportunities for our area. Looking forward to a great 2022,” Flower said.

Two years ago, the city acquired 10 acres next to the property where “we believe this may be a great area for fields and more organized sports activities in the future,” Flower said.

“We anticipate that kids may be able to participate in organized sports activities on the existing 10 acres, while at the same time their parents are able to walk or ride nature trails along the Meramec River and near lakes on the neighboring 201 acres. This would be somewhat similar to the uses at Creve Coeur Park, although a much more natural setting.”

The land donation meets the city’s regional goals for conservation and flood mitigation, according to Flower, noting that the property is located in the floodplain and a large amount of it is located in the floodway.

“Several parties have looked at this property over the years as a potential development site. Through this donation, 201 acres of floodplain property will be permanently preserved in its current state, and will never be developed. This is a wise and proper use of property that borders the Meramec River, and will greatly help the City’s efforts to mitigate storm and river flooding,” he said.

The property also borders Route 66 State Park, according to Flower, and he said the city hopes to connect the two parks.

“There is simply huge potential for this property and the surrounding area,” Flower said.

He additionally states that the property is not open to the public yet due to safety issues that are being addressed. He asks the public to not attempt to access it.

“We will be working on this diligently, but please help out our police, fire, and park services by not trying to access the property,” Flower said.