ST. LOUIS – Michael Moultrie’s work day at the PWC Pennant Building was interrupted when a bullet cracked one of the building’s windows.

The bullet came from a homicide in Kiener Plaza around 3:30 p.m. According to the police, a man approached a skateboarder in the plaza, and the two began to argue. The suspect eventually shot the victim several times before running north on 7th Street.

“It’s crazy that one of the bullets from across the street ended up hitting our building,” Moultrie said. “From up there, we could see the guy laying down on the ground; that was the sad part.”

Police do believe the two may have known each other.

“We are thinking it was a targeted attack since they engaged in a verbal altercation,” Lt. Donna Garrett told the media in a press briefing.

Thursday afternoon’s shooting marks the 46th homicide in St. Louis this year. A statistic Moultrie said is becoming way too common.

“Hearing gunshots is like hearing a car go across the street,” he said.

Police do not yet have a description of the suspect and are hoping to use downtown surveillance cameras to identify the shooter.

“Hopefully, with these cameras, they can put them to good use, and they can find whoever did this and bring them justice,” Moultrie said.