ST. LOUIS — An 84-year-old woman in north St. Louis is calling on the city to install a speed bump in her neighborhood after a crash caused major property damage at her home.

Ada Truss has lived at the same home on Warne Avenue for 53 years and said she’s never been faced with so much destruction to her house. She said a speed bump would’ve helped stop the car. It’s a problem she’s been pushing the city to fix for years.

“They don’t pay any attention,” said Truss. “The stop signs don’t mean nothing (to them). The red lights don’t mean nothing. I see it every day.”

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed a crash occurred on the corner of Warne Avenue and Conde Street just after 6 p.m. Friday.

Truss said she came home to a car lodged on her front lawn and that the barrier on the street meant to deter speeding was pushed onto the sidewalk.

Police said a driver sped down the street and crashed into a car traveling in the opposite direction. It caused major damage, including a mangled fence, a broken street sign, and debris scattered everywhere.

Her daughter filmed the aftermath which shows where the two cars ended up.

“I’m on social security. I don’t have money to do all this,” said Truss. “I got to get it fixed because I can’t leave it like this. It feels just open. It makes me feel nervous.”

Police said the driver who sped wasn’t hurt, but the driver of the second car suffered minor injuries. She wants to see speed bumps installed on her street so incidents like this don’t happen again.

“They won’t be coming down this way if they see those speed bumps,” said Truss. “They won’t come through flying like that.”

A spokesperson for the City of St. Louis released the following statement: “The City of St. Louis is working to make our streets calmer and safer. Since September of 2021, the city has installed more than 330 speed bumps citywide. Specifically, the city has installed 73 in the 21st ward alone since 2017.”

Truss originally asked Alderman Muhammed to help and says he promised he would but never did.

“They do for other streets but this hill,” said Truss. “It’s like they forgot us.”

He recently resigned but Truss continues to fight for more safety features.