ST. LOUIS – An early-morning crash in North St. Louis leaves one driver dead and one police officer injured.

The crash happened in the 4200 block of Natural Bridge Road just before 3 a.m. Investigators say an officer was sitting on Natural Bridge Road in a marked department vehicle, waiting for a tow truck to clean up a previous accident. That’s when another driver struck the police vehicle.

The driver, a man, died at the scene. The officer is being treated for minor injuries. Police have not disclosed the identity of the driver or officer as of Thursday afternoon.

Residents who live near the scene of the crash are concerned about safety at city intersections.

“Maybe somebody did not see the car,” said Aki Jones. “They hit the police car and that person passed away.”

The crash happened near the Royal Palace Bar and Grill, leaving the owner in shock .

“It’s a shame a person has to lose their life right before the New Year. My heart goes out to the family,” said owner Donald Slack.

Residents are urging drivers to slow down, and many have concerns about the intersection of the crash.

“It’s very dangerous. My heart goes out to the family and the person who had the accident. They need to do something about this intersection, and barriers are out too far. It’s supposed to slow down traffic, but it’s tearing up cars.  If you are not paying attention, it’s really bad, and there are no lights,” said Gerjuan Rowe.

Investigators say the cause of the crash remains under investigation. Police have to await the medical examiner’s report to determine why the man ran into the police car, so it’s unclear if the crash happened due to speeding, inattention or something different.