ST. LOUIS, Mo. – You may have seen a billboard while traveling northbound on I-55 offering a reward to find a French Bulldog named Izzy. Most missing pet notices are posted on a flyer or through social media. But, this dog is getting a lot of attention on one of the main routes through St. Louis.

A lot of people call Scott Bouchard to ask if the dog is still missing. He works with LTR K9 Resource, a volunteer group, that helps connect missing pets with owners and provides other services for the animals. He worked with the St. Louis Senior Dog Project to help put up the billboard.

This is the first time they have used a billboard to help find a lost pet. They usually use social media and flyers. But, a relationship with the St. Louis Senior Dog Project and a company that leases the billboard gave them an opportunity to get the word out in a new way.

“It is a completely different kind of attention that they are getting,” said Bouchard. “It is exposure. It is getting out there, our efforts are getting noticed.”

The billboard is generating a lot of calls but it isn’t clear if they are getting a lot of clues to help find Izzy. Bouchard says a lot of people just call to see if they are still looking for the dog. This is different than social media or a flyer where they get fewer contacts but more specific help.

Want to know a little more about this dog? Izzy is estimated to be around four years old. She is dark in color but has some dark stripes in her fur.

The dog was being fostered by someone living near Marquette Park in St. Louis. They let her out into a yard after coming home from work. About 10 minutes later the gate was open and the dog was gone.

Bouchard would put up a billboard again if given the chance. He says that the reward to find the lost dog is “substantial.” Call 314-532-5592 if you have any more information about her location.