ST. LOUIS – Possible future redevelopment plans for the old Jamestown Mall in North County are in the spotlight as potential choices start to be narrowed down. 

Meanwhile, the mall site itself continues to be an eyesore and a mess. A second public forum was held Wednesday night as part of the Jamestown Mall Market Analysis and Feasibility Study. The first public forum was held back in June. 

At Wednesday night’s event, people were able to offer their input on three potential redevelopment scenarios for the 145 acre site. There were initially six possibilities, but those have been narrowed down to three, which are now undergoing final analysis. 

Two of the options focus more on residential housing, with the second option also including senior housing and offices. The third possibility is an agriculture and energy technology annex. The St. Louis County Port Authority now owns the site. 

That agency is currently overseeing environmental remediation of the mall area and preparing demolition and grading plans. 

We spoke with James Clay, a local who lives nearby and came out for the open house. 

“Right now I’m just looking forward to seeing something torn down out there cause it’s an eyesore right,” Clay explained. “So when I pass by there sometimes, and I see people working, I say that’s some hope right there. I’m primarily interested in senior housing as I’m getting to be more senior. So looking for some upscale senior housing that’s in this area.” 

Organizers with the redevelopment project said whatever happens is a long-term project and is still about ten years away from completion. 

You can still offer input on the options through October 7 at A final report is due sometime this fall.